The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Marbella


This week will be as named all about fitness, that means we are going to relearn how to walk, move, stand, run, sit and eat because I'm pretty sure no one has given those Novembers a second thought. We just do what and how we always have done things without thinking about if it's the correct way.

We will learn how to exercise for fastest results while we keep the trainings fun and interesting.

There is a saying “it’s better to work smart than hard” and that is absolutely true.

It’s not about how much effort you give it’s about how much progress you are getting for your effort.

We will learn how to choose the best exercises to reach your goals faster.

The bootcamp is designed for any level of fitness so if you are a beginner or a high level athlete, our trainers will make sure that you are challenged at your level of capabilities.

We will learn how to breathe so our bodies are getting maximally oxygenated.

In a correctly oxygenated environment bacteria can't live so we can get rid of many health issues just by learning how to breathe.

Did you know that breathing with the top of our lungs is a stress mechanism?

We will learn how to correct our body positioning not only when working out but in your everyday life.

On arrival everyone will get a personal body function scan done by Ricardo at Costa Spine. See link below.

You will get specially designed stretch exercises just for you, that we will be doing all together every day.

We will learn about nutrition, how to eat to live not live to eat.

And last but definitely not least we will learn how to use our bodies the way we were created to, there is a saying "use it or lose it" and its 100% true.

 So let’s start using our bodies and relearn everything.

Age is just a number so let’s get young again.

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The Schedule

7:30 Wake up

7:35 -7:45 Cold showers (we start the day with a huge obstacle that must be overcome, so everything that comes at us after that is easy) it also helps to strengthen the immune system.(optional)

8:00 Protein, amino acids and vitamin shake.

8:30-9:30 Metcon-cardiovascular training (circuit training) high intensity at Reebok Hybrid Gym

9:45 Breakfast 

12:00-13:00 Stretch and breathing exercises (low intensity) at the apartments

13:45 Lunch

16:00-17:30 Strength training (medium intensity) at Reebok Hybrid Gym

18:00 Dinner

19:30-20:30 Stretch and recovery (low intensity) at the villa 

22:00 Evening food


Facility and Accommodation

Your daily trainings will be held at Reebok Hybrid Gym. See the link below.

The Apartments

At 189 meters above sea level, between the sea and the mountains, you have a magnificent view and are in the perfect place from which to explore the Costa del Sol. The apartments have enormous terraces to enjoy stunning views to sea and golf courses. Watch the sun rise during your breakfast, or enjoy the beautiful colors of the sky during your dinner.

At the apartments you will be assisted by your trainer that will be with you throughout the whole week.

You will have your own specially designed custom meals delivered to the apartments every morning throughout the week.

The food will be provided by Phosh Food the best meal prep company in Marbella. 

Phosh Food

There will be bicycles at the apartments to your disposal.

There will be a minivan available throughout the whole week for your disposal.

Mikes Gym

Mikes Gym

The Activities

During the bootcamp we will do a training session at Mikes Gym, see link for info.

We will do a self defence course at the flow academy see link below.

We will be Climbing the la concha mountain.