Create yourself.

The next generation of fitness in Marbella.


Why join us?

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of service so that you can achieve your goals with us quicker and in the correct way. 

Gym Area

High tech equipment.

You will have access to top of the line fitness equipment from 06:00 until 22:00. The services provided will be a mix of complete functional training zone with a complete gym attached to it.

Our ethos

Our ethos.

The idea behind Reebok Hybrid is to create a training world in which any person from any walk of life can enjoy and benefit from. Whether you are just starting out in fitness or you are an athlete training for a competition, Reebok Hybrid will be able to facilitate the correct training and nutrition program for you to achieve your goals in the best way.

Personal Training

The best personal training company in Marbella.

We have collaborated with the best personal training service in Marbella offering Reebok Hybrid clients a second to none service. To find out more about personal training please ask at reception.


Where are we located?


Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 07:00-22:00

Saturday 10:00-20:00

Sunday 10:00-15:00